Founded in 2009 – we are a non-profit organization whose volunteers feed and manage over 130 feral cats in dozens of colonies daily.  With your support, we help feral cats live out their best days with the safety of clean food and water.

We promote humane and responsible controlling of cat populations through long term care, partnering with local agencies, and effective trap and release programs.





We pride ourselves in building this group through volunteering and transparency.  



Our volunteers have a Slack channel where we regularly discuss changes to schedules, upcoming fundraising and volunteering events, innovate ideas to get more outreach, and plan for backups.


We regularly find kittens and cats who would be great fits for an indoor life.  We trap, nurse, and foster them while we find a suitable adopter.


Some kitties simply prefer the freedom of the open hill country.  For those, we’ll trap them, give them a clean bill of health, and release them back to their enclave.  These cats will live out their days and not be able to have more baby kittens.

All cats listed are currently available for adoption!  Please download our CTFR Animal Adoption Agreement, sign, scan, and email it to [email protected].


I’m Sadie! I love to have my picture taken. I am a big fan of squirrel and birdwatching. I love to chase ping pong balls and spring toys. I am obsessed with my green kicker toy. I like to sit in laps, and I am full of purrs. I get along well with other cats, especially my tortie sister Dora.


I’m Onyx. I’m 5 months old. I’m very sweet. I have a very soft meow but a very loud purr. I like furry toys that I can toss around the floor. I get along well with other cats and kittens. I like to play chase and wrestle. And I really like taking naps next to you while you work in your home office.
Onyx is fully vetted and ready to learn your daily work routine.


I’m Dora. I put the Dora in aDORAble. I am an explorer too, so if you open a door, I’m going to run through it and investigate! I’m interested in everything you do. Until I need a little nap.  I’m 5 months old. I’m fully vetted and I am good with other cats too, especially my torti sister Sadie. Always ready for my next adventure.  Are you up for an adventurous fun-loving tortie?